Facial Rejuvenation

Butterfly Essentials offers a Facial Rejuvenation program that includes local treatment of the face using micro-current therapy and essential oils combined with Holistic treatment methods to improve overall health and produce longer lasting results. The Holistic treatment methods include:

  • Non-needle acupuncture and meridian balancing to harmonize and balance the entire body
  • The use of therapeutic grade essential oils to support healthy skin as well as overall health
  • Diet, lifestyle, skincare and supplement advice based on research and scientific evidence

Other non-surgical face lift procedures focus on local areas only. Botox, Thermage, Dermabrasion, Collagen injections, Peels, Creams, Laser, etc., may be less complete and may not last as long. Toxicity issues are a concern as are infection, skin irritation and permanent damage. Our goal at Butterfly Essentials is to facilitate a more youthful looking face utilizing non-invasive natural techniques while educating the client on a healthy diet and lifestyle and introducing the client to natural, safe and effective topical skin care products.

What is micro current? A micro current instrument is part of the FDA approved electrotherapy devices called TENS. TENS units are used to block pain, thereby giving one relief for a period of time replacing or reducing pain medications. A micro current stimulator is a very different animal in principle. They were manufactured to emulate the ranges of current slightly above those produced by the body which operate in the pico or nano range. This is a very tiny amount of current!

Thomas W. Wing, DC, ND, LAc, a fifth generation Chinese Doctor is credited with introducing a micro current instrument used to add current to acupuncture needles to create a more potent application. In 1975 Dr. Wing introduced what was known as the first non-needle acupuncture with diagnostics. Needles were replaced by pencil looking items with brass tips and later converted to Q-tip ends to just touch the surface of the skin. He called it the Accu-O Matic. This stood for accurate and automatic. World wide recognition began when athletes like Carl Lewis of the San Francisco 49ers and Joan Benoit of New York Mets began using micro-current claiming it as the latest and greatest of physical therapy treatments. Many chiropractors and athletic trainers maintain it is still today one of the best methods for physical therapy.

Accu-O-Matic applications include muscular rehabilitation of the face (TMJ dysfunction, Bell’s Palsy, Non-surgical face lifts), tissue healing techniques, Meridian balancing and non-needle acupuncture. The micro current applied to the skin is 600 micro amps for a short period of time, usually 8-12 seconds. The cells within the human body have a potential current of approximately four pico-amps, or four trillionths of an amp. It would take one million micro current machines to light a 40 watt light bulb! These small therapeutic doses augment the body’s own healing ability with no discomfort. Tsunami wave form, an electronically simulated tidal wave, starts with negative wave for 2.5 cycles then positive wave for 2.5 cycles (1 cycle = 5 seconds). Tsunami waves break down the ohmic barrier of the skin to allow the signal to trigger the process of tissue repair and to fire the acupuncture point. Micro current eliminates overdoses, over stimulation, misuse and side effects.

Butterfly Essentials & Spiritual Healing Facial Rejuvenation Protocol:

  • Initial assessment of client
  • Meridian balancing
  • Treatment of select acupuncture points
  • Local Microcurrent facial techniques
  • Skin care products and essential oils
  • Diet, lifestyle and supplement advice


  • Single treatment (1-1/2 hours):                                                 $150
  • Package of 6 Sessions:                                                               $750
  • Package of 12 Sessions  + Skin care products valued at $350:        $1650