Kind Words

I was completely blown away at the level of complexity of the content that was shared during the Intensive. The amazing part of this complex content was the teaching methods and examples used by Bernadette made the concepts completely understandable. . . Bernadette was uniquely able to assess each participants level of understanding of what was being taught and would use different tools/methods to help everyone understand the concepts being presented. During the “hands on” work, Bernadette was completely supportive, encouraging and absolutely masterful at making sure we all learned the correct techniques using proper mechanics WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY providing supportive and encouraging guidance from the very beginning of our work to the very last minute of the entire 5 day seminar!  This skill is innate and not something one can learn from a book and Bernadette is masterful at this ability!. . .Bernadette’s energy never waivered, not from the very first minute of our seminar to even the last hour of the 5th full day of instruction!  Bernadette is  a genuine gift and represents the highest level of integrity that I now equate with any future instruction from CARE. – Ken–MN

The principles that I learned were really life-changing and the way that you taught them was very heart-centered, very spiritual but also very supported by research and science. It has made it easy to talk about and explain the effects of, even though I hadn’t taken any science/chemistry since high school! The Bible oils section was so interesting too, fascinating to realize that oils and their uses were a “science” and therapy in themselves for so long. And we are so fortunate to be able to use them now in our massage work. Just an amazing course, time and money well spent. Thanks!! Sarah-Portland, OR

I just want to let you know how much your teaching and lovely demeanor effected me while learning in the CARE classes! I have been literally devouring the books I brought home, I have been very prayerful and full of good intent and the Lord has blessed me. Literally, [people] have knocked on my door!! I have done 8 or 9 vitaflex and raindrop practicums, I have done emotional release on more than one occasion and many on my self! I feel this is the path to wellness I am to be on to help others, I just have never read a book that has hit me so hard as ‘Healing Oils of the Bilbe’ Aside from the Bible itself. I am so happy to have met you and to have learned from you, You are truly a lovely lady! I just wanted to let you know how positive my experience was!! Love, Carrie–St. Cloud, MN

Bernadette is an excellent instructor who is both very personable and extremely knowledgeable. She made it easy to learn. The practical aspects of the CARE Intensive made it very enjoyable and made me feel confident in my skills going forward. I already believed in the oils, but feel even more certain and excited about them now.  Kimberly–Alberta, Canada

This past summer I contracted Lyme’s Disease which went undiagnosed for about 7 weeks. During this time I had 3 emergency room trips, a 3 day hospital stay, many unnecessary diagnostic tests, lots of pain and many sleepless nights. Once they figured out I had Lyme’s Disease I took the prescribed  antibiotics. The most useful thing I did to help me “turn around” after that was to have a Raindrop treatment every day for a week. After that I slowly tapered to a Raindrop twice a week, then once a week, then twice a month. I plan to continue having a Raindrop once a month as part of my “Wellness Plan”. I love the Raindrop treatment! I have taken the CARE classes and Vibrational Raindrop from Bernadette. I found Bernadette to be a caring, approachable, informed instructor. I would definitely recommend her class to others! Robin–Minnesota

Fabulous class, excellent even for beginners. Young Living oils are the only oils we will be using. Bernadette is an awesome teacher. Yoshi-Phoenix, AZ